Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Harry: A little update

I took this photo of Harry on the weekend. We have ups and downs with this boy. He still isn't toilet trained properly and I'm not sure what to do. He CAN hold because he sleeps in our en suite all night and does not wee. He(and Indi) were contained to the laundry/hall space during the day but he chewed all the door jams and skirting boards. I tried leaving him in the family room so he could see outside and have heaps of room to run etc and he has chewed some of the timber furniture and all my baskets. Indiana did the same thing to our furniture but I dealt with it somewhat better back then. He's still a puppy but gee I wish that was over. The poor thing still has a baby tooth so he;s all chew chew. Just one more and we should be done, it's been pretty drawn out for him. Besides the puppy negatives he's a good little dog, he's sweet and he's good with Chloe and he adores me. He has even become a bit cuddly since he was desexed and now the weather has cooled. He's still food dominate, which means I can't leave stashed food treats or hard biscuits to chew to relieve his teeth or boredom. Indi has had enough of his attitude and there have been some dog fights. No injuries or anything but Indi now holds him on the ground, Harry won't give in easily though and the growling is hideous. We have to stand between them while they eat. Honestly I forgot that two male dogs can fight, I truly did, Jordan and Indiana never fought. It's a shock to Michael who wasn't a doggy person until her meet me. Anyway he's almost 8 months old now so the puppy thing should settle down in the next few months.  I hope, I don't think my furniture can stand it much longer. I don't think Michael can stand it much longer. We love him but he's a real rat bag. Just like his name sake.

It's a phone pic so not as clear

Until next time... Naomi

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blythe: The last two girls

I never posted about the last two girls I got. First up is  Lou. She's the one I swapped with my friend Mel. I washed and re-curled her hair, gave her a hair cut, blushed her up a bit and voila, she's gorgeous. I love her short hair.

I also just got the latest release. Her name is Charlotte De Fleurs, I called her Tia Rose but now I'm not so sure. I might change that. I also straightened her hair it was a mass of fluffy curls but it was just a little too big.
The latest girl
I think my dolly family is done for a good while. I'm thinking I'm going to have to sell and replace from now on as I just don't have the room on the dolly shelves. They're looking a tad busy and I don't like that look. I would love another kenner and a BL but for now I am done. I am thinking of trying my hand at customising and doing a face up.  That would be nice. Also I would like to make a room display. So there will be plenty of Blythe things to keep me busy.

Until next time... Naomi

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A gorgeous pic of Chloe on her actual 5th birthday. She chose to go to pizza hut all you can eat. Not somewhere we've been before but we told her about it and all teh pizza and dessert and she was in. She smashed up three desserts! Hey, it's a once a year thing so why not. Look at how happy she is.

Until next time... Naomi

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chloe turns five!

My message to you Chloe...I can't believe it has been five years since my baby was born. Five years since you came into this big world. My beautiful daughter was born, safely, my dream come true. Five years before your birth we started trying to fall pregnant, to no avail. I really had started to think it may never happen and then there you were. Your birth was, and still is the best day of my life. Every day since is a blessing. Even during those times when the daily grind gets me down, I am so blessed to have you in my life. I know it all too well. How time flies. I love you now and forever. Happy birthday my beautiful girl xxx


So yep my baby turned five! we had a big party with all the kids from school. Chloe loves sea creatures so we had an under the sea theme with mermaid and pirate dress ups. I gave her all the dressings that a great party should have, games, music, dancing, junk food and fun. All the kids loved it but most importantly Chloe had a wonderful day. It was real fun.

Did you notice the quick costume change? That's my girl.

Until next time... Naomi

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blythe: Dreaming

In my last dolly group shot one of my girls was missing. You see whilst I was trying so hard to love my SBL Lounging Lovely aka Harper James I just didn't get into her. Something about her dark beauty didn't sit right within my collection. I thought about it long and hard and decided to place a for sale ad on a forum. A friend offered to trade me for another doll.  That was cool by me so we talked and she gave me a few options and I went for a Urban Cowgirl with a saffy scalp, my friend dubbed her UnderCover Saffy. See my friend likes dark, moody dolls and I like light, pretty dolls so it worked for us both. Harper James departed for greener pastures yesterday and my new girl is on her way. I can't wait for her to arrive. I'm thinking about giving her a face up with some colourful make up. Thing is her face is perfect so it's going to be hard to touch her.

Travelling...she needs a hair spa.
This year I've added back to the wish list a translucent Blythe. I was on ebay looking up fakies with Chloe's birthday in mind(she always wants to play Blythe's) and I found these fakie translucent. Got me to thinking that maybe I could get one and swap scalps, add eyelashes etc. They say you should try customising on a fakie first and if I "F" it up, won't matter so much. 
Cutie...love the blond hair

She's got great chubby cheeks and that hair
Look at this stunning but simple face up. Definitely NOT a fake Blythe. credit is Miss Freckles78 on flickr

Until next time... Naomi

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blythe: My girls

Here are my girls looking lovely. There is one more not pictured because I have not bonded with her. I would really love a dark kenner to replace her, a girl can dream right.

Top shelf L:R: Emma, Charlotte, Miss Molly, Wren
Bot shelf L:R: Anouska, Kiki, Henley, Paige

Until next time... Naomi

Monday, March 3, 2014

Our baby started school

I cannot believe I have not posted about Chloe starting school! How slack am I!

Our baby started school this year and even though she is enjoying it lots, there have been a few shakey mornings with tears and saying she is sick or doesn't want to go. She has gone to the canteen a few times for an ice block to help soften the long day and she even won her first award. We're so proud.

her first day

her first award

Until next time... Naomi

Our dogs name sakes

This is something that no one would believe was true but it is. Back in 2007 when we got Indiana we brain stormed several names but Michael suggested Indiana, after Indiana Jones because we love it.

Fast forward about 5 years…Michael was surfing the net one day looking up Indiana Jones, I have no idea why but it had a full bio of IJ with birth date and all. He showed me and I said that’s Indi’s birth date too! 1st July. It was very strange and we were marvelling at how weird it was and how he was definitely meant to be an Indiana then. What’s the chances!

I don’t think I have mentioned how Prince Harry’s name came to be. So here goes. Once we decided to get another dog I spoke to a breeder who had a boy available who she said was a “rascal”. Michael and I talked and we preferred a brown and white boy even though I was actually open to sex and colour. We were brain storming names casually and we said it has to be Harrison Ford related to tie in with Indi. We didn’t like Han(Star Wars) so we looked up all the characters he has played...Jack, Henry the list went on. Then I suggested Harrison…Michael came up with Prince…then at some point we said “hey what about Prince Harry”. This boy is a rascal and red haired and it’s perfect. So we decided Prince Harry Two.  Then the breeder never called me back to discuss it further (well actually she did but we already committed to Prince Harry Two by then). I found two other breeders and we continued brain storming I liked Beau…BoBo…Jasper but Michael was set on Prince Harry Two. Then when we found Harry and he had some red colouring and was a bit of a rascal and he was from “Queensland” we decided to stick with the original idea.  Prince Harry Two. So we chose his name before we actually knew he was going to be our dog.

Here’s where it becomes unbelievable. Last week we were talking about Harry and it lead to the Indiana Jones coincidence and us again marvelling at the coincidence. Then Michael said you should look up Prince Harry's(the person) birthday. I grabbed my phone and toyed in Prince Harry. The first thing to pop up was 15 September! We could not believe it! THAT IS HARRY'S BIRTHDAY! Now we didn’t do it deliberately or knowingly and we were/are so freaked out by it the hairs stood up on my arms. We were astonished that could happen twice, Michael said “well he was definitely meant to be our dog since we chose that name before we even chose him”. Unbelievable! What are the odds…CRAZY! As unbelievable as it is it’s true!

Indiana Jones(real name Henry Jones Junior) and Prince Harry Two(real name Prince Henry of Wales)
Until next time... Naomi

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

40th Birthday

Yep I turned 40! I'm not sad like some or happy about it I just can't believe it! I need some botox, the face is a little worse for wear, I need some exercise I'm carrying a little too much weight but I'm alive and have no major complaints so yippee!

My birthday morning with my fav girl

My oldest and dearest friend Tracey

My mum and I...thanks for having me mum!

Michael and I. My cake was delish!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Harry doesn't look like this for more than say half a day or in this case 15 minutes but here he is looking almost perfectly groomed. Isn't he gorgeous!
Check out the moustache

dirt mark on face

Until next time... Naomi

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blythe: She's still my favorite

I've got 7 dolls now but Miss Molly is still my favourite. This is her new pink tutu ensemble.

Until next time... Naomi

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Harry: 20 weeks

Harry the hound update! He's still eating heaps, he's almost as big as Indi now. There is lots of hair which bulks him out, about 3 inches of it. On the grooming front he is now letting me do a top knot or two. I just persisted grooming each day and rewarded him when he was good. I do have to get him when he is tired for face grooming but he lets me do his body any time.

He's almost completely toilet trained now and he can hold all night. I still leaving paper if we go out because he uses it. That will stop eventually, he is only 4.5 months. It's almost time to desex him too which makes me sad because he is so young but a couple of days ago, after his bath, I let him out and he ran around the garden and marked three different spots within a minute. He hasn't cocked his leg but it's just a matter of time. He's a very dominate dog so desexing should help I think. It's till too early yet.

He's been to the beach, which he loved. It freaked me out a bit because he got sand ALL over his face and was trying to get it off by rubbing in the sand! I was so worried about his eyes. He likes the water and wasn't afraid of the waves and he even went into the water deliberately at one stage. I called a time out at that point and we left. A long haired, wet, sandy dog does not make a happy mumma. He got car sick on the way back because we went a longer way. Poor baby. I've been taking him on lots of car trips hopefully that will help.

All in all he's really becoming part of the family although he really doesn't like ii when Chloe picks him up, I don't blame him. He growls and has bitten her. I have told her so many times not to pick him up but she will not listen so I guess she's going to get bitten. He thankfully can't do much damage. She has been told by us and by Harry. One day she will learn.

two days shy of 20 weeks
with daddy and Indi

on our way to the beach

He loves sticks

his stick

that torrent is where he entered the water

Chloe went treasure collecting

bed time

Indi's gay pride

Mmmm mummy I can smell foooood!

Until next time... Naomi

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Australia Day

We went down the Berrima for Australia Day. Gee it was a weird and cold day considering we have been having a heat wave. We had a nice time. They had markets, food stalls and a small carnival. We watched the street parade and then made our way home because it was really quite cold.
cool car

street parade

a very unusual mini truck

Chloe is cold and over it here

Enjoying a ride

Until next time... Naomi

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Harry: 18 weeks

Since my last post about Harry lots has happened first of all I removed all my floor mats and this seemed to fix his weeing issue. He is almost completed toilet trained now, most days he has no accidents in the house and he can hold on better. He is now going to the door to go out and able to hold for a minute or two allowing me time to see him and let him out. He doesn't wee on paper at night, he holds and he only wets his paper when I'm out for more than 4 hours. That's not often. Yah!

Second of all we had a health scare. He woke one night about a week and a half ago  with some vomiting and diarrhoea. He went back to sleep with no events but in the morning had more vomiting and he wouldn't eat and he was very quiet. As soon as 9am hit I had him at the vet with no appointment. The vet gave him an injection to stop vomiting, antibiotics, an anti-flammatory for his bowel and some different food. When I got home I inspected the last vomit and it had in it the stuffing from the inside of his bed, bits of wood and grass. Seems our Harry thinks he's a bull shark and can eat anything but that's not so!

The vet suspects the tunny issue could also have a dietary component. I had started to give him a few kibble from my usual brand just a few days earlier to try and wean him onto a different food. Under advice I stopped the new food and she suggested I try it again after his antibiotics were finished. Yesterday and today I gave him a few kibble and today he vomited/ Now it may be the heat because shih tzus tend to do this in the heat but I am going to stop the kibble again.

Oh and he had a couple of fights with Indiana over food. Harry is very greedy and tries to steal Indi's food all the time. Indi is very patient but if he gives him a warning snap, Harry goes ballistic and attacks poor Indi and then they fight. I now have to stand over them while they eat. Harry has even turned on me when I tried to hold him back. Little shit, he got into trouble over that. Strange thing is I can take his bowl off him and he never snatches food from your hand, he's only aggressive when there is canine competition.

Other than those it's been very uneventful LOL! Oh he has been able to go for his first walk out and about which he loved.

First proper walk

Growth comparison: 17 weeks top 11 weeks bottom

the clip is to top knot train, he HATES the top knot. 17 weeks


after his bath clean face

puppy kisses with Mumma

How his face looks 70 percent of the time - after food, after water, after playing

He's a funny dog, dominate, a guts and very happy, playful, loves kids but not being picked up by them and he is a mummy's boy. Hopefully the next week will be uneventful!
Until next time... Naomi

Friday, January 17, 2014

Blythe: Love my Kenner

Just been taking some lovely photos on my new camera, many of my kenner. I love my kenner and my camera.

I sewed this dress took me ages

pretty in pink

in the garden

and on the topic of beauty my Miss Molly my most favourite shot to date

Until next time... Naomi


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