Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hazzy McGee

I haven't done a post on Harry for ages. How is Harry?

Firstly I had to cut off all his hair! I broke my heart but he was needing daily grooming for over an hour and while it takes a lot from me, which I found put pressure on me, it also takes a lot from him. He's much happier free of the floor length coat and he's much cooler.

So what's he like? Well he is just darling...I adore him! He's a funny a little character, cheeky and sookie and adorable, just how he should be. He's started sleeping on Chloe's bed until she goes to sleep. He knows the routine and jumps up on the bed at 7.30pm, for story time. Then when I leave she bribes him with a bit of cheese, of course he loves that and I don't mind, it forges a bond between them. He's great with Chloe and other kids, he doesn't mind them at all. My favourite part of Harry is he's my baby boy. We have yummy night time cuddles, and he snores, loudly! Whenever you get undressed within seconds he has a sock or your undies in his mouth and he follows you around,  talking in that shih Tzu snorty way "look mum I've got your sock, aren't I clever...and cute!". And yes he is! He goes mad running around the garden playing soccer, exhausts himself, needs to rest for two minutes and then goes for another round, it's quite hilarious. Overall he is a sweet, very relaxed and happy go lucky boy who just rolls with whatever is going on. He's gorgeous, if not a bit of a trouble maker and I wouldn't change a thing really.

Until next time... Naomi

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hi all,

I decided to do a new blog about Blythe dolls. They have kinda taken over my life and blog so I thought it may be better for them to have their own place. All the posts I have done to date will remain here but I will move a few posts over to the new blog as well. During this period the look of both blogs may change slightly. This should be complete within a few days.


Many thanks

Until next time... Naomi

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blythe Custom: Lou

Lou has now been adopted by the lovely Liz.

Here is my latest custom Blythe doll now available for adoption on Etsy. Lou is a 1920's French inspired girl, very sweet but glam.

Until next time... Naomi

Blogger is just crap for months now.

Blogger you suck. I am seriously considering trying typepad after years with blogger. It doesn't accept certain operating systems and I have had NO end of trouble with it. Loading picture in particular. I have tried to post numerous times with error after error. Seems today I want to vent and it's working, funny that!

Until next time... Naomi


I've been busy with the customs and Blythes this past few weeks.

This factory girl is up next but her eye mech was wonky so awaiting a new one before completing

My new girl Teagan with poor carving, no make up or eyelashes she needed a little help
Teagan getting a make over

This is Teagan after, so pretty I can't bare to sell her yet

she's like a little girl

new pulls and some glittery eye lids

Chloe got her own Blythe, a Middie she called Cherry

Next two girls are carved and sanded

I really love customising the blythe girls, no one is safe I tell you. Except maybe Miss Molly.

Until next time... Naomi

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Indiana

Indiana is so sweet and patient and he tolerates Harry and Chloe and their shenanigans.  Happy birthday our boy.

Until next time... Naomi

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our First New Car

Michael and I have managed to get to our 40's without ever having purchased a new car and we thought it was about time. It's a VW golf and it's awesome.

Until next time... Naomi

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Harry: 8 months

Harry, Harry, Harry you are a cheeky boy.

I know I've focused on toilet training a lot with him in past posts but he has been SO SLOW to get it. Thankfully it has got much better of late. The last couple of weeks he has only had a few "accidents" and he at least tries to tell you he wants to go outside now. He still struggles to hold 10 hours while we are at work. He just won't or can't hold all day. The other boys were fine with this but not Harry. If I come home by 4pm he's fine but by 6pm he's piddled on his paper. I have to leave paper because if I don't (I've trialled it lots) he just goes where the paper would've been. I've come to accept he needs the paper. I don't like it but I prefer that to the alternative. He's been so good lately that the last two nights we have trusted him to sleep next to Indiana in our bedroom, on carpet! It's a trial, one accident and it's back to the ensuite but so far so good. Gotta love progress!

Harry is so much more than his toilet training woes. He's a great little dog. Always happy. He follows me every where I go, touching my heels as I walk. He sits with me every night, sometimes on the lounge or at my feet and he even has a bit of lap time. He talks to me all the time, grunting and groaning, all the way to full on barking right at my face to get my attention. He says "give me breakfast", "play with me", "hello Mumma!" "I like that" he's so cute and very sweet, I love him to bits. He loves to have a little romp around and play. He likes sitting on our back deck chair, he's so royal sitting up high watching the world. He's still chewing, I tried toys and food filled kongs but they did nothing. A few weeks back I tried raw hide chews, large ones that are rolled with kangaroo jerky and he loves them! He naws on them all day and carries it around most places. I think it helps satiate his appetite too.

I have to mention that he's so good looking it kills me. His coat has turned the most beautiful creamy caramel colour, the white is white but the colour is quite light and stunning, I do love how shih tzus look. He has this darling little prance and his crazy eye has all but gone. I love that he's almost a dog now. He's certainly fully grown and he's smaller than I expected. I was a bit worried he was a whopper but he just stopped growing at around 6.5 months. harry has been more hard work than I remembered a puppy is but we adore him. We are so glad we got him. Love ya Hazzy McGee, that's his nick name...Hazzy McGee

Until next time... Naomi

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blythefest 2014

I got to go to the Blythefest again this year. I had a ball and meet some new friends.


Prizes I won a doll

my girls

Forty Winks doll I desperately wanted went to a 7 year old girl boo who. At least I won.

I love this Tiny Cute Things girl named Kirby Skittles

My Kenner Charlotte with one of Katies girls

My Blythefest donations for lucky dips
The doll I won Dylan

Lori the traveller came to visit

Until next time... Naomi

Saturday, May 31, 2014

May In Pictures

Harry it's time for a hair cut. I can't keep up and he's hot.

Harry loves his Mumma

Chloe went to her first footy game

Chloe's first sports carnival


She went to a Frozen party and due to a lack of Frozen supplies in Australia I had to make a costume. She loved it.

Until next time... Naomi

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sorry for the lonnngggg absence

It's been such a long time since I regularly blogged but the truth is I just haven't had the time this year. I've had issues using blogger at home, at work and on my phone, I've tried to post a few times to find I can't save the post, so infuriating I tell you. I've just found I'm struggling to get into a routine since school started. I had life down pat the last couple of years but now I just feel like there is less time for everything, which seems crazy since Chloe is at school six hours a day. Twelve free hours a week right, ah no! Those six hours fly by and the day is interrupted by the school run which in all takes an hour out of the day. I've volunteered for a few school things like canteen. Work is hectic, I work half an hour less now to accommodate the school run and my colleague left so I'm doing their work, needless to say there aren't too many minutes to spare anymore. I don't get to see my friends or family as much and I seem to be cleaning more, that's so much fun. Harry does take up a lot of time and creates a fair bit of mess. I'll get there in the end, it's just taking longer than I expected. I still find time to do some of the things I love like thrifting on occasion, Blythe, sewing. Others have dropped off like crochet, gardening and I'm not cooking like I used to. I'm missing those things and I took a pay cut with the less hours so I'm missing that money. We still go lots of places with Chloe but I don't have the extra time to blog about it all. Hopefully I'll be able to get some balance back soon.

Here's a little recap from April and May.

Mothers day

Mothers Day lunch
custom 2 work in progress

custom 1 complete

A Blythefest donation dress

 I customised my first Blythe doll and started the second. Also made some clothes to donate to Blythefest, which is the Australian annual Blythe conference I guess you would call it. I'm hoping to build the business a little, nothing major, I would love to make enough to be able to support the Blythe doll habit lol.


started some sanding

I re-painted some furniture, Harry decided to have a munch on it and I sanded this side table but am yet to paint it.

Easter morning she was so excited! You can just see Harry bottom left, always hoping for some food.

Anniversary flowers, Chloe chose them. Love the coloured roses.
We celebrated Easter and over indulged as you do. We also celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. I got gorgeous flowers and lunch at Jamie's Italian and a stunning diamond ring. How lucky am I.

So they are some of the things I've been up to. Lots but not much.

Until next time(hopefully soon)

Naomi x

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Harry: A little update

I took this photo of Harry on the weekend. We have ups and downs with this boy. He still isn't toilet trained properly and I'm not sure what to do. He CAN hold because he sleeps in our en suite all night and does not wee. He(and Indi) were contained to the laundry/hall space during the day but he chewed all the door jams and skirting boards. I tried leaving him in the family room so he could see outside and have heaps of room to run etc and he has chewed some of the timber furniture and all my baskets. Indiana did the same thing to our furniture but I dealt with it somewhat better back then. He's still a puppy but gee I wish that was over. The poor thing still has a baby tooth so he;s all chew chew. Just one more and we should be done, it's been pretty drawn out for him. Besides the puppy negatives he's a good little dog, he's sweet and he's good with Chloe and he adores me. He has even become a bit cuddly since he was desexed and now the weather has cooled. He's still food dominate, which means I can't leave stashed food treats or hard biscuits to chew to relieve his teeth or boredom. Indi has had enough of his attitude and there have been some dog fights. No injuries or anything but Indi now holds him on the ground, Harry won't give in easily though and the growling is hideous. We have to stand between them while they eat. Honestly I forgot that two male dogs can fight, I truly did, Jordan and Indiana never fought. It's a shock to Michael who wasn't a doggy person until her meet me. Anyway he's almost 8 months old now so the puppy thing should settle down in the next few months.  I hope, I don't think my furniture can stand it much longer. I don't think Michael can stand it much longer. We love him but he's a real rat bag. Just like his name sake.

It's a phone pic so not as clear

Until next time... Naomi

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blythe: The last two girls

I never posted about the last two girls I got. First up is  Lou. She's the one I swapped with my friend Mel. I washed and re-curled her hair, gave her a hair cut, blushed her up a bit and voila, she's gorgeous. I love her short hair.

I also just got the latest release. Her name is Charlotte De Fleurs, I called her Tia Rose but now I'm not so sure. I might change that. I also straightened her hair it was a mass of fluffy curls but it was just a little too big.
The latest girl
I think my dolly family is done for a good while. I'm thinking I'm going to have to sell and replace from now on as I just don't have the room on the dolly shelves. They're looking a tad busy and I don't like that look. I would love another kenner and a BL but for now I am done. I am thinking of trying my hand at customising and doing a face up.  That would be nice. Also I would like to make a room display. So there will be plenty of Blythe things to keep me busy.

Until next time... Naomi

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A gorgeous pic of Chloe on her actual 5th birthday. She chose to go to pizza hut all you can eat. Not somewhere we've been before but we told her about it and all teh pizza and dessert and she was in. She smashed up three desserts! Hey, it's a once a year thing so why not. Look at how happy she is.

Until next time... Naomi

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chloe turns five!

My message to you Chloe...I can't believe it has been five years since my baby was born. Five years since you came into this big world. My beautiful daughter was born, safely, my dream come true. Five years before your birth we started trying to fall pregnant, to no avail. I really had started to think it may never happen and then there you were. Your birth was, and still is the best day of my life. Every day since is a blessing. Even during those times when the daily grind gets me down, I am so blessed to have you in my life. I know it all too well. How time flies. I love you now and forever. Happy birthday my beautiful girl xxx


So yep my baby turned five! we had a big party with all the kids from school. Chloe loves sea creatures so we had an under the sea theme with mermaid and pirate dress ups. I gave her all the dressings that a great party should have, games, music, dancing, junk food and fun. All the kids loved it but most importantly Chloe had a wonderful day. It was real fun.

Did you notice the quick costume change? That's my girl.

Until next time... Naomi

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blythe: Dreaming

In my last dolly group shot one of my girls was missing. You see whilst I was trying so hard to love my SBL Lounging Lovely aka Harper James I just didn't get into her. Something about her dark beauty didn't sit right within my collection. I thought about it long and hard and decided to place a for sale ad on a forum. A friend offered to trade me for another doll.  That was cool by me so we talked and she gave me a few options and I went for a Urban Cowgirl with a saffy scalp, my friend dubbed her UnderCover Saffy. See my friend likes dark, moody dolls and I like light, pretty dolls so it worked for us both. Harper James departed for greener pastures yesterday and my new girl is on her way. I can't wait for her to arrive. I'm thinking about giving her a face up with some colourful make up. Thing is her face is perfect so it's going to be hard to touch her.

Travelling...she needs a hair spa.
This year I've added back to the wish list a translucent Blythe. I was on ebay looking up fakies with Chloe's birthday in mind(she always wants to play Blythe's) and I found these fakie translucent. Got me to thinking that maybe I could get one and swap scalps, add eyelashes etc. They say you should try customising on a fakie first and if I "F" it up, won't matter so much. 
Cutie...love the blond hair

She's got great chubby cheeks and that hair
Look at this stunning but simple face up. Definitely NOT a fake Blythe. credit is Miss Freckles78 on flickr

Until next time... Naomi


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